Welcome to the city of parents,

Here you will find the information you need to have a harmonious relationship with your child.

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We are Laura Ion and Oana Hagiescu.

Our children have changed every detail of our lives. Including our careers. This has led to a professional reinvention. We left the corporations where we worked before becoming mothers and became freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Together we founded Parentropolis and want to be there for parents who are looking for valuable information on how to have a harmonious relationship with their children.

Laura Ion is an accredited trainer and personal development and vocational counsellor with over 14 years of experience in the IT field. Laura is a specialist in Digital Literacy and Online Safety for kids and has completed NSPCC courses on "Keeping Children safe online" and "Cyberbullying".

Oana Hagiescu, a former journalist and blogger, writes about children and mums, books and activities you can do with children and conducts interviews with special people and wonderful children.

Parentropolis Collaborators

Andreea Georgescu

Andreea Georgescu


She is a psychologist, vocational counsellor, trainer and skills assessor.

She specializes in child psychology and at Oxford College because she strongly believes that each parent can create their own parenting style based on the uniqueness of their child.


Marius Zamfir


He is an autonomous clinical psychologist with 12 years of experience in working with children, founding member of the Association for Child Mental Health "Saint Seraphim of Sarov" and member of the Romanian College of Psychologists since 2011.

He wants to share with as many parents as possible valuable information about how children's development is affected when they spend a lot of time in front of screens.

ruxandra vasile

Ruxandra Vasile

 educator parental 

Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, she studied Child and Adolescent Psychology to meet the challenges parents and children face. She wants to help them build close and connecting relationships where everyone's needs are respected.

She believes that how we relate to children is influenced by our own difficult experiences and helps parents identify and heal emotional baggage and patterns of behavior that are not working.

Together, we aim to offer on parentropolis.com everything a parent could be looking for spending hours, scouring dozens of sites: interesting articles, guides on various topics, helpful materials and courses with experts in various fields.

You'll find personalized information that addresses specific parenting issues and needs.

Together with our experts, based on your feedback, we build content that is relevant to you and those who share your challenges. You'll be able to participate in free webinars with experts, have resources, tips and ideas at your fingertips to help you deal with your daily parenting dilemmas.

Join us
in the city of parents,

You're in Parentropolis, the city of parents

We want a community where we learn together to raise our children well.

You have a community of parents around you 

You're among parents who have the same parenting challenges.

Choose the parenting style that suits you

Here you will find information to help you find the style you want to raise your children in.

You have access to courses with experts from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Evaluarea potenţialului de învăţare (LPAD Feuerstein)

  • invatare mediata

    Laborator de Dezvoltare cognitivă și emoțională prin METODA FEUERSTEIN (la sediul nostru)

  • Abonament 8 Laboratoare de Dezvoltare Cognitivă și Emoțională prin METODA FEUERSTEIN (la sediul nostru)

  • Abonament 4 Laboratoare de Dezvoltare Cognitivă și Emoțională prin METODA FEUERSTEIN (la sediul nostru)

  • Pachet sesiuni de consiliere individuală

  • Soluții anti-bullying pentru profesori – Seminar online LIVE

  • Soluții anti-bullying – Webinar live pentru părinți

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    Pachet “Emoțiile copiilor – ce trebuie să știi despre identificarea și gestionarea emoțiilor”

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What you will find in Parentropolis

- Live seminars

- Recorded interactive courses

- Training programmes with our experts

- Documented articles with experts

- Printable materials

- Play ideas and activities for children


What people say about us



"I turned to Andreea when my sweet, well-behaved toddler turned into a toddler who threw tantrums about everything. She first got me to understand what emotions these tantrums arouse in me. And I discovered that I was suffocating with helplessness that I couldn't help him. And then I discovered with her exactly when the little boy was having seizures. Mostly when he felt helpless that something wasn't coming out. I didn't know that emotions are also a real science, but once I understood them, things became much clearer."

Andreea T. 


A community where you get information and ideas from parenting experts about nutrition, health and more, a place where you can share your ideas and concerns without fear of being judged or criticized. Questions are always welcome and answered.

monica i.


To get the right and real messages across in writing requires passion, integrity, clarity of thought. Oana is a person who fulfils all of these with cheerfulness and optimism.


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Find us here: Sos. Nordului 96D

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